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Andy Volcano
Journey starts! Solve puzzles
🏝️NEED A VACATION?🏞️ Swap office drudgery for exotic adventure and mystery in this fun puzzle game. Match 3 tiles to clear the board and progress through the exciting story. If you like adventure games with intrigue, humor and challenging puzzles, you’re bound to fall in love with Andy Volcano! 🛶READY FOR ADVENTURE🧭? To the lighthouse: Bored of his office job and tired of life in the big city, Andy decides to take a vacation and visit his beloved grandfather on the island where he spent much of his childhood. When he arrives at the start of the game, however, he finds the island has fallen into disrepair, and Grandpa has vanished without trace… ✨TIME FOR SOME FUN?🎉 If you’re looking for an enjoyable puzzle adventure game that can fill up a quick break during the day or keep you entertained for hours when you have time, Andy Volcano could be the match for you. Download this quirky, fun tiles game now, and help Andy reunite with his beloved Grandpa. The adventure is just beginning…
It's pretty good!
I just downloaded this app and it's pretty good! The game truthful to the ad I saw, there's no lengthy terms of service you have to agree to, the animation is better than most mobile games and there's gameplay inside of the mini stories (Ex; designing rooms + tapping quickly to pull a door open), there's skippable ad every other level or so (It fluctuates) as well as optional ad's but if you can handle it, it's fine. I'll edit this if review if I have any other notes, but so far it's amazing.
I love this game
I love this game but I am feeling a bit sorry for Andy and the little girl. I am on level 254 and when I hit "unlock next scene" Andy and the little girl both turn to their right but that's it. When are the next scenes going to be ready? His poor Grandad is still missing.
I really love this game.
I really love this game. There are minor glitches, but it's okay. I am done with the game still waiting for the next stories. I just don't understand how to take part in the golden cup tho? I keep pressing to play but it just shows the trophy again and again. UPDATE!! They've updated the game! The game continues!
Great game!
Great game! Hate having to keep waiting for new adventures. Can't wait to see what happens next, though!
I'm really impressed with the story line
I'm really impressed with the story line. It has really held my interest and makes the game more enjoyable.